Henry Ruggs III has landed in more trouble. After missing a required alcohol test, the former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver now has to appear in court.

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ESPN reports Ruggs’ lawyers told Justice of the Peace Suzan Baucum that Ruggs “self-tested” negative after missing one of his breath tests. The delay of testing was blamed on trouble with testing equipment.

The alcohol-monitoring agency was not able to “confirm Mr. Ruggs’ sobriety during this point in time.” Ruggs was not in court Wednesday for a brief hearing, which led to the request for a court order of the Nov. 2 crash and fire records.


Ruggs is now facing a return to jail after being warned of the possibility of a re-arrest. Currently, Ruggs is under electronic-monitored house arrest and four-times-a-day alcohol checks.

In a prior report, ESPN noted the former Raiders wide receiver’s blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit set by Nevada. In addition, Ruggs traveled at a speed of 156 mph before hitting the car, which held a 23-year-old woman.

Ruggs’ initial court appearance was on Wednesday, and he appeared in a wheelchair with a foam brace on his neck. He is facing felony charges of driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in death and reckless driving.

To remain free, Ruggs posted a bond of $150,000. Inside the Toyota Rav 4 that Ruggs hit was the woman, Tina O. Tintor, and her dog. The Corvette Ruggs drove decelerated from 156 mpg to 127 mpg before hitting the SUV resulting in a fireball.

Inside Ruggs’ car was also a loaded gun, resulting in a felony weapon charge of possing a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

Inside Ruggs’ car was his girlfriend, Kiara Je’Nai Kilgo-Washington, a 22-year-old woman of Las Vegas. She received surgery for a severe arm injury.

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