With the untimely passing of rapper Young Dolph his words are being replayed as a reminder of the advice he passed to the community. During an epic interview with Drink Champs, the Memphis CEO shared that he is one of the few artists in the genre’s history to achieve the amount of success he has without ever signing a traditional record deal. Despite Young Dolph’s career being plagued by controversy, including multiple attempts on his life he still taught the importance of ownership.

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In the interview, Young Dolph shared that he had turned down a recording contract worth $22 Million because he had a bigger vision for his career. “It was a label deal,” Dolph explains. “It really was a good deal, a super good deal to tell you the truth. But, it’s just I see something else. I got something else on my mind, what I wanna do. But, at the same time, it wasn’t no wrong decision, whether I did it or didn’t do it. Ain’t no wrong decision because I know what I’m doing. I’m focused, I got a plan for this shit.” The rapper also mentions how the evolution of the music business and the direct to consumer relationship between the artist and the fan has also influenced his decision. “It’s always about ownership, like the game different now. It’s just like you (Noreaga) just said, when you dropped and you was going gold and you was doing this, doing that, it’s like it’s different now. Nowadays, it’s more like your fans got more access to the artist just like you got more access to the fans and you can do shit. You can spend your money, you can master the game, dawg. The business part of it, dawg, and really keep people out of your business as long as you want to, til you want to.”
Condolences to his wife and family and may he rest in power.

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