Brooklyn’s very own, Sienna ‘Swaggy Sie’ Garraway, a SiriusXM multi-media personality, brought her talents to Tallahassee to the students of Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism program. The workshop featured Swaggy’s journey into the media industry, tips on conducting interviews, and staying true to yourself in the media. 

Swaggy Sie, a notable multimedia radio personality with just under 10 years in the industry, has established a name for herself by securing heavy-hitter interviews with Cardi B, Bobby Shmurda, and Meg Thee Stallion to name a few. The talented journalist turned dreams into reality by mastering her craft and transcending to thousands nationwide. The radio workshop entitled “Behind The Mic” was held on November 9 and was hosted by the student-led radio station, WANM 90.5 The Flava Station. The stations program director, Gensen ‘DJ Zoe Crazy’ Surpris details how the event truly tapped into the ideals of WANM 90.5 “One of our goals for the station is to connect our staff with industry professionals through workshops. So Swaggy Sie reaching out to us was perfect timing. Swaggy Sie’s “Behind the Mic” workshop proved to be beneficial to many students. She followed a path to success that most of the students could relate to. She put emphasis on professionalism and integrity aside from doing it for fame. These are key aspects of the FAMU School of Journalism and Graphic Communication (SJGC) program” said Surpris ( DJ Zoe Crazy). During the workshop, Swaggy Sie spoke about her transition into professional radio from college while climbing the skillset ladder and finding her passion within broadcasting. She emphasized the need for professionalism and integrity within the media industry by demonstrating how to conduct interviews for hard questions while remaining respectful to the guest. 

Swaggy Sie also went into detail with tips on how to stay true to yourself while finding your sound/name in the media industry. She instructed students to not only brand themselves, but to find other passions outside of their presence in the media, and not to forget the importance of remaining humble through the process. The students also took away specific lessons in interview skills, on air presence, as well as audio and video skills. “Ultimately, all the students seemed to be very motivated and inspired by the workshop. We look forward to having Swaggy Sie back and building a continuous relationship with the SiriusXM family” said Surpris. Swaggy Sie will host more workshops at HBCU’s across the country in 2022.

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