Following the murder of Young Dolph, Makeda’s Cookies is attempting to go on with business. The cookie shop is where Dolph was murdered. In the past, he was a frequent customer.

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WREG-Memphis has revealed the bakery is back open and will rename their chocolate chip cookie after Dolph. The cookie was said to be his favorite.

“That was one thing that Dolph did, [he] use to say when you get off the expressway. He was like, ‘I can smell y’all. I’m getting off the expressway. I had to come in,” Operations Manager Raven Winton said. “To know that we’re not going to see that face anymore is I’m trying to hold back tears.”


In addition, Makeda’s GoFundMe account has received $86,000 in support following a denial on an insurance claim. You can keep chipping in here.