Young Thug has been one of the faces of Hip-Hop in Atlanta for the past decade. Releasing countless solo hits, collaborating with other homegrown artists, and using his platform and connections to put on new artists.

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During a recent interview at the 2021 Revolt Summit, Young Thug predicted ATL’s reign as the biggest hub for Hip-Hop will last for another decade surpassing New York City as the definitive cultural mecca.

“I don’t see no city taking over Atlanta,” he said when asked what the future holds for Atlanta. “Because we steady having new artists come from Atlanta, bruh, and we getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The biggest artists that are popping right now are from Atlanta. We gon’ keep going higher and higher. I don’t see no other city gaining the No. 1 spot again. We got it. Atlanta, fo’sho.”


Young Thug has taken numerous artists under his wing and given back to his community through charity, Thug discussed the importance of setting a positive example for others in the Atlanta rap scene and what inspires his focus on camaraderie and generosity.

“Because you just want all of the upcoming artists that are paying attention to you or paying attention to anybody that’s paying attention to you, you want them to see that,” he shared. “You want them to know this is the right thing to do and it’s simple. If it was me on the other shoe, I would want that help.”

Gunna, One of Young Thug’s frequent collaborators and fellow Atlanta representatives, also appeared on the 2021 Hip-Hop Homecoming panel, he also gave his input on his hometown’s impact on the landscape of rap and what the city means to him.

“Atlanta is everything to me,” said Gunna, “Because I feel like as a whole, Atlanta is one of the cities that’s really known for just coming up with everything. Lingo, style to clothes to even music now. We’ve got a big impact on music. Like, we’re winning on music right now in Atlanta. And that one thing alone I feel like that we all kept it together, is just making the world better. Just ’cause we started a whole new lead of people that’s just doing music, selling clothes, and building off merch.”

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