Seattle artist Pompeiii has a message for the world. Growing up between Hawaii and Florida after being born in Atlanta, the “Hood Surfer” rapper has a knack for being able to spread his message in any setting. This diverse sense of self manifests best in his music, where he blends multiple styles and sounds in order to create something new entirely. 
Growing up in a musical household, Pompeiii has been infatuated with music for pretty much his whole life. In the years he’s refined and expanded his sound, creating a unique format in which he delivers his art. Songs like “Moonwalk” and “The Love We Know” show off his ability to switch cadence and setting with ease, things that will take Pompeiii far in the game of rap. 
In 2022 Pompeiii plans are to keep releasing music at a steady rate and travel the world (again). Follow Pompeiii below to watch his journey.