Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is admitting he “embarrassed” his wife Kim Kardashian with his 2020 presidential campaign. The rapper made the comment in an Instagram post called “Thanksgiving Prayer.”

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In the video, he noted he’s thankful for the family Kim has given him this Thanksgiving.

“Hello, my name is Ye and this is my super super super long Thanksgiving prayer. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am very grateful to my family, my blood family, my fans and our haters.”


Ye revealed he ran without “proper preparation,” noting the way he spoke of his family during a news conference. The Chicago native says this was hard on his marriage.

“Then I ran for president without proper preparation and without allies on either side. “I embarrassed my wife with the way I presented information about our family during the first press conference, and thank God alone.”

This comes as Kim still seems to be pursuing their divorce and there’s much speculation she’s dating SNL comedian Pete Davidson.

“We have made mistakes. I have made mistakes. “I have done things publicly that were not acceptable as a husband, but now today, for whatever reason – I did not know I would be in front of this microphone – but I am here to change the story.”

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