Chicago rapper 600 Breezy has been struggling with juggling his rap career alongside legal issues and problems with other individuals. 600 attempts to do better, and he has some heavy hitters rooting for him.

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On a recent DJ Vlad segment that aired on Sunday, November 28th. According to the Chicago rapper, Drake and Travis Scott have given him a boatload of advice to make it in the rap game.

“We still talk today,” Breezy said about Drake. “He still be in my ear about shit. I lost a couple of my homies and shit like that, so, he’ll reach out and be like ‘I ain’t gon’ tell you what to do or what not to do, but I just wanna see you still be around for your family, your kids, your friends,’ shit like that. He just be trying to keep me level-headed, like ‘don’t go do no stupid shit.’ Look at what he doing, like, I got that stock power, I can do that. It’s only me stopping myself.”


600 said he had the same conversation with Travis Scott, who gave him a much simpler answer. Travis wants to see him have fun but still take his rap career seriously.

“He grabbed me by the shoulders, ‘Look, only thing stopping you is you, only thing stopping you is you, take this shit serious, have fun with it, but take it serious, and leave all the other shit alone,” 600Breezy said Travis Scott told him.

600Breezy said rappers like Drake admire him because he doesn’t ask for handouts or assistance of any kind. When asked about possibly making music with Drake, 600 said he rather wait to be more established as a rapper.

“We ain’t never did no music together,” 600Breezy said. “It’s like, obviously I’ve been in the studio, I’ve been there, but it’s like I get around them n****s and I’m trying to have fun, I wasn’t really trying to work.”

Breezy continued, “That’s probably why he f****d with me so tough because I wasn’t like ‘let’s do a feature, let’s do a song, let me get the feature, let me get that,’ you know, I’m with them kickin’ it. I don’t wanna be that n***a when n****s see me and be like ‘Oh yeah, that’s that n***a that got a song with Drake.’ I wanted to be 600Breezy first.”