Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, everything has been affected. Educational systems have been taken online, people are continuing their jobs from within their homes, shopping malls have closed down, the entertainment sector has been shut down, and everyone has been advised to stay within the boundaries of their homes.

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The pandemic hasn’t just affected people’s lifestyles; it has also taken a toll on their mental health, and taking care of it by staying at home has become twice as difficult. Thankfully, celebrities worldwide have taken it into notice and have been trying to help people cope with their everyday stresses. Artists like Taylor Swift, David Guetta, John Legend, Demi Lovato, Pink, Keith Urban, and several others posted concert videos, launched fundraisers, and scheduled virtual concerts to keep in touch with their fans and keep their spirits high.

One of the most prominent concerts that were launched in July 2020 was produced by the rising EDM artist, TR3AL. His show was something a little different from everyone else- a laser show.


TR3AL’s first-ever laser show was streamed on July 6, 2020, with the name TR3AL XPERIENCE. The show was a sophisticated synchronization of dozens of lasers and lighting with TR3AL’S music to give the audience a show they could never forget. The show lasted for approximately two hours, which means two nonstop hours of energy and upbeat music. The show was produced specially for the fans to witness a next-level electric dance music show.

TR3AL has another laser show scheduled to wow his fans once more in November. The artist also plans on doing more laser shows in 2021.

Besides laser shows, TR3AL has also stolen the spotlight with his wonderful tracks, each giving the fans something new and unique to listen to. His most recent, Quarantune, was released on July 3, 2020, which was a track beyond ordinary. The artist is working on more singles, which are scheduled for release this year. TR3AL is also working on his very own EP, which, too, will be released this year.

TR3AL’s love for music is as old as himself. The artist was born in Santa Clara in California, on April 28, 1983, and grew up with the passion for being a distinguished music artist.

As most would think, growing up in California and the interest in EDM doesn’t match, but for TR3AL, everything besides his dream to be a star was unreal. He listened to the most esteemed EDM artists when he was a kid, including Steve Aoki and Don Diablo.

For TR3AL, music was much more than just a hobby or an escape; it was a form of expression, a place where he could be true to himself. TR3AL might have grown up with the admiration for music in his heart, but he was oblivious that the burning passion in his heart to reach the top was anything but ordinary.

It wasn’t until TR3AL saw Tiesto perform on stage that he realized what his dream truly was- to be known throughout the world for his very own music. TR3AL says, “You might find it strange that a Californian is so passionate about EDM, a rare thing to see, no? Well, TIESTO happened to me. The moment I saw him perform, I could feel my soul leave my body to dance on his amazing tracks and mixes.”

Right then, TR3AL decided to begin working on his craft, and he instantly began working hard for earning his name in the industry. TR3AL needed a little push and a little motivation to begin something new, and with every track, he listened to, he felt more and more compelled to be an EDM artist.

TR3AL’s first step towards his musical journey was DJing at local clubs, which he began in January of 2017. But he did not limit himself to just getting exposure to the industry and was side by side, working on creating his own music as well.

A few months later, TR3AL had come up with something new and original- something that signified his name in the music industry. TR3AL finished the production of his song in March of 2018 and released his first track, Forever, on March 27, 2019. The song gained immense recognition from across the world, grabbing the attention of several EDM enthusiasts and earning him a huge fan base.

Seeing how the world reacted to his track, TR3AL was more motivated and decided to launch his very own record label, XPERIENCE R3AL R3CORDS. The label was founded the same year that he released his first track. Instantly, he began working on his songs as well. He released a track, Oh Yeah, under his record label. The track helped the artist gain more prominence and helped him in reaching a larger audience.Today, TR3AL is dedicating his time to create new tracks and arrange more laser shows for his fans across the world!