The tragic murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph has shaken the entire Hip-Hop community. Authorities have not shared much about the ongoing investigation. Memphis locals have been popping up on social media with their takes of what has been occurring in the city, from alleged shootings to reports that a comedian’s daughter may have been murdered for making fun of the rapper after learning of Dolph’s murder.

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Memphis icon Crunchy Black a member of the popular rap group 3 6 Mafia recently spoke about Dolph’s death and mentioned the response from Soulja Boy who had some back and forth arguments with Young Dolph days before his passing. The Three Six Mafia rapper wasn’t impressed with Soulja’s social media reactions.

“Soulja Boy saying some sh*t but Soulja Boy, he crazy,” said Crunchy Black. “He’s the first to do everything. I think he the first to suck a d*ck before. But you know, hey, it’s all good… He the first one to suck d*ck, before everybody suck d*ck, Soulja Boy did it… Nationwide, the first d*ck sucker.” When pressed about the issue between Soulja and Dolph, Black just went back to speaking ill of Soulja.


“F**k Soulja Boy. F**k Soulja Boy. He ain’t talkin’ ’bout nothin’,” he said. “F**k him. Tell him to go make another video game and call it, ‘I’m the first one to suck d*ck.'” Soulja Boy was reportedly pulled from the Memphis and St. Louis shows of the Millennium Tour after videos of him speaking about Dolph’s death went viral.

Crunchy Black shut down all of the questioning surrounding the topic but he did offer his condolences regarding the death of Young Dolph.

“Rest in peace, Dolph,” said Black. “Hate that this happened to somebody in my city. We supposed to be pimpin’, not killin’ rappers and sh*t. We supposed to get some money, but you know, it is what it is. Everybody ain’t on the same page.” 

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