Sean Garrett deserves the flowers he has received for his work on Summer Walker’s new album. The legendary hit-maker is called upon and delivers once again.

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With the release of Still Over It, Summer Walker has broken a number of records. The album debuted atop the Billboard 200 with 166K in first week sales, becoming Summer’s first album to do so. It is also the first album since Beyonce’s Lemonade to achieve that feat as well.

On her list of thank you’s, Sean Garrett sits among the top of them. She took to social media to thank the legendary hit-maker.


“But Even bigger shoutout to @seangarretthepen,” said Summer.

Sean Garrett describes Walker as a unicorn. As someone who has created hit songs for Beyonce, Ciara, Destiny’s Child, Janet Janet, Brandy and more, he was intentional on not approaching his latest collaborator like his previous.

“If I didn’t inspect what I expected, I would’ve went about it the wrong way. I was there to love, nourish and bring out the best out in Summer as an artist, but also a person.”

Garrett speaks to the dedication and discipline Walker possessed as she worked to finish her album. She begin the recording process while pregnant.

“I had to recognize when she was feeling her best and when she wasn’t, but she stayed committed while dealing with a lot.”

Her previous publicized relationship with her baby father and collaborator London on da Track was the inspiration for the album, Still Over It. Walker takes us through her complex break-up with London throughout the album.

She also thanked her baby father London on da Track, for the “Inspo to write this ass album.”

The album’s tracklist featured dates to the song was either recorded or the occurring event to inspire the track.

At the beginning of the album, we see Summer Walker call out London’s other baby mamas on “Bitter.”

Once the album concludes with “Ciara’s Prayer,” Summer is looking forward, despite being the “4th Baby Mama.” She questions her ex-boyfriend for the public back and forth.

This was a concept that Garrett says that was not initial embraced, but believed it would bring the story full circle.

“We’re going to push the envelop to assure that Summer is the biggest star in the world,” says Garrett.

To help deliver such a delicate story, Sean Garrett credits Summer Walker’s patience, commitment and their teamwork.