Yesterday on The Nick Cannon Show, Nick celebrated his great-grandmother who turned 102 years old. His great-grandma lives in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and on the show, he shared a story about his late grandfather who shared the same birthday as his great-grandmother.

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“It’s a truly special day for me,” Cannon said. “My great-grandmother turns 102 today. I actually got a chance to go see her but also the reason why it’s such a special day is her oldest son … my grandfather … it was his birthday as well. He passed away not too long ago. I got his name tattooed on my neck so that everyone knew how much of a bond we had.”

He added, “He used to call his mother every single night before he transitioned and I try to hold up that legacy and I call her each and every day. She’s 102 today. Even that has to be difficult to see your children pass away before you. I always say you don’t ever want to see your children go before you but she’s such a strong patriarch and a powerful woman. I’m just grateful to have her and allow my grandfather’s spirit to flow through the both of us.”


You can see the moment below.