Adrian Lockett shines in the upcoming 2022 film, ‘Bid For Love.’

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The film is described as a deadly love story with many twisted obstacles. Adrian plays Malik, who woos Dawn Halfkenny,’s character, Sasha, after doing prison time for her drug-dealing boyfriend. Sasha looks to make a change in her life once she leaves prison and ends up falling for Malik, who hires her at his real estate business.

While it begins as flowers and candy, there is a number of things that help to change that narrative. Sometimes lessons need to be learned more than once.


“I’m taking the audience on a transitional course with my character,” says Lockett. “Based on my character’s actions, I needed to get a reaction out of my co-star (Dawn).”

Lockett also speaks to his on-screen relationship with Juvie, who is played by social media influencer, Jayda Cheeves.

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“On camera, she don’t like me and I don’t like her,” says Lockett. “She’s constantly nagging to a point where at time my character has to tell her to simply ‘shut up.”‘

Adrian adds that from the moment the audience sees the two there is immediate beef.

“Nothing about our characters’ relationship is hugs and kisses.”

Adrian Lockett’s experience as an actor dates back to the TV series, The Haves & Have Nots. As an army veteran, he landed a role alongside, Shia LaBeouf in the marine story, “Man Down.”

Lockett speaks to a standout moment where he improvised, without permission, but it was appreciated by the cast, especially LaBeouf.

“I know I needed to stand-out without even having a specific line or speaking role. I made up my mind that I didn’t have anything to lose,” says Lockett. “So during the scene, they went through their dialogue and he says, ‘Marines are some of the dirtiest and filthiest.’

Lockett proceeds to add his improvised line calling out one of the character’s names to describe how filthy a marine is in the movie.

“Shia, who is serious about his works ended up laughing and pulled me to the side. He says, ‘say that again and if anyone has something wrong with it, come and get me.'”

Getting a co-sign from the star of the movie certainly stamped Lockett’s presence on set.

Be sure to catch Adrian Lockett in the upcoming film “Bid For Love.” See the trailer below.