The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia stage got a bit testy on Thursday night, leading to a fight.

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Earlier in the day, Bizzy Bone blasted the Memphis icons, calling them “devil worshippers.”

“That is the mark of the beast is it not?” Bizzy wrote. “Ya’ll grew up in the church so you knew the ramifications behind naming ya self that to MAKE PEOPLE THINK YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL FOR RICHES AND FAME (thats a classic). Now you got your money and u wanna act like nobody can call you out on it? Ya’ll got me f’d up.”


During the actual event, Bizzy had words for Gangsta Boo and warned the reast of Three 6 to stop making fun of him. The moment led to Bizzy throwing a bottle across the stage adn then all hell broke loose.

You can see the moment below.