The long-running social media joke of women finding Ciara’s prayer turned into an actual prayer on Summer Walker’s album. Appearing on Level Up Radio with Ciara on Apple Music, the songstress revealed how the prayer made it to the Sill Over It album.

I’m going to slow this thing down just a little bit, because it is time for the #BTJ [Behind the Jam] of the day. And I want to be a little intentional right now. This next track is very intentional. It’s crazy because when my girl, Summer Walker, put out her album that I was featured on with this track, this song was charting top 10 on the R&B charts. And then it also was number one bubbling under The Hot 100 for Billboard. And it’s crazy because it’s not even an actual song, but there’s so much intentionality and it is a prayer. Yes, of course my fans have been asking me for forever for this. So when Summer called and asked me to be a part of her project, ‘Still Over It,’ I thought it would be amazing to join her, and she’s going on this incredible journey, one that I think a lot of us women can relate to.

Just her vulnerability and just her incredible journey she’s going on as a woman with figuring it out now as a mom and just this beautiful story that she’s allowed the world to experience and go on with her and go through with her. And I thought it’d be really cool to be a part of this project. So when she called me, I said, “Absolutely, I’ll do this.” And it was just so much fun, being able to allow myself to be vulnerable in that moment. I’ve had many invulnerable moments in my life and as my fans always would say, “The prayer, the prayer, the prayer.”

Yes, I did pray when I was in a very challenging place in my life and I always talk about it. I was a single mom and figuring out that part of my life and what that was feeling like to me, and it was just a completely surreal situation for me. And I’ve always been a believer in praying, and so that’s just who I am. And yes, I did pray with intentionality when I was at that time of my life, and I will tell you guys that praying with intentionality works.

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