There’s something about Mary that’s got us stopping mid-scroll, and doing double takes to look at her timeline, red carpet looks, and public appearances. We are noticing that she is exuding beauty we haven’t seen before, both inside and out. The energy she’s giving is as if she is speaking directly to us saying ‘Yes yall I’m good, real good.’  With new music ‘Good Morning Gorgeous’ that dropped today and a book on the way. Mary is definitely walking in her purpose and it shows. Mary appeared on the Tamron Hall Show, earlier this week and dropped major gems on why this is her season to glow. “I earned the right to say some things I’ve earned the right to say I feel amazing”  The reason why I say I feel amazing is not because every day is a great day and I always wake up feeling like this with hair and makeup.” As she gestures to herself. Its because when I wake up with no hair and makeup I’m accepting that chic that goes to the bathroom and I like her I hang out with myself a lot I’m my own best friend I got me, she, we got each other, and that’s why it’s cool.” 

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 Before the show, she shared her tips on beauty and fashion that we will now be included in our daily routine.  

MARY’s 5 Tips to Looking And Staying Beautiful 

  1. My secret to aging well is really trying to think as positive as you can because frowning and stressing weighs on the face.  And 
  2. Facials are really important how you moisturize your skin take off that make up and not go to sleep with that makeup on.  
  3. I try to get three workouts in a week I try and drink a lot of water get a lot of rest and take a lot of vitamins
  4. My fashion sense comes from just growing up around a lot of amazing women that had everything and just being a survivor
  5. Trying to make the best of what we had and definitely trying to mimic the girls who had everything and of course knowing what to do with your own personality