Jazmine Sullivan is heading out on tour. The Heaux Tales Tour tickets went on sale last week and immediately sold out as fans and ticket resellers flocked vendors in order to score a seat or a quick buck. Many online who were unable to obtain a ticket believe that the resellers won more as resale tickets instantly popped up online with double the price of the original cost.

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Sullivan hit Instagram and addressed the issue.

“I want to address what’s happening with my tour tickets. The reality is these are regular people who purchased tickets and are reselling them for a profit,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “It’s not right but that’s what happening.”


Sullivan also stated it’s hard to track down the fans because they are purchasing them as any other normal person. “I just felt like I needed to say something because I hate to see my true fans upset and unable to purchase tickets that they’ve been waiting for.”

Sullivan would also detail her team is working to upgrade venues for certain shows in order to release more tickets and combat resellers. The initial list of new venues is available below.