David Revuelta might be young, but his zeal and ambition benchmark other emerging artists in his lane.  This young man creates unique melodies, which have earned him a stellar reputation in the underground Madrid music scene. 

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David recently dropped a new single, “Fly,” which showcases his broad mix of musical talents. While his previous release, “King,” is beat-heavy and contrasts soft melodic overtones and grungy bass beats, the new single boasts higher sonic frequencies and more ethereal soundscapes. 

Fly has only been available through Spotify for a handful of weeks, and it is already a talking point for dance music lovers. It’s dance and synth, and it’s gradually 80’s, it’s unique. It’s the type of music you hear in pop-up raves that are gone in the morning. It sounds like this that are responsible for his large fan base.   It reminds the listener of 1984 or the old film Metropolis. It’s got that hypnotic, dance-the-night-away feel that the best rave and DJ tunes have.


We expect to hear much more from David in 2022.  Stay up to date with his music below: