QC Sports, the sister company of the music industry powerhouse label, Quality Control Music, has announced the launch of its new QC Sports Basketball Division. The company also announced the addition of successful industry veteran Derrick Powell as Global Head of Basketball. Powell brings with him 22 years of NBA insight, negotiation, and agency experience to the rapidly expanding QC Sports enterprise. 

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Quality Control co-founder Kevin “Coach K” Lee says, “Partnering with an industry veteran that has the experience, credibility, proven track record and commitment to clients that Derrick has is perfectly aligned with the QC Sports brand.” 

Celebrating 22 years of incredible accomplishments as a certified NBA agent and industry insider Powell has the experience and an impeccable reputation with his peers in the NBA front offices, NBA Players Union, and NBA players on and off the court. 


Powell notes, “QC is the most authentic brand in today’s Culture. I am truly honored and beyond excited to be a part of the amazing team that Coach and P have built at QC Sports. But mostly I am ready to get to work and continue to build on the legacy of Quality Control. I am humbled by the level of commitment and dedication everyone brings to the QC Sports clients personal and professional lives every day.” 

As one of his first accomplishments at QC Sports in 2021, Powell has successfully negotiated the 5 year $100M dollar contract extension of veteran center Jarrett Allen with the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Derrick has worked with some of the biggest names in basketball while representing multiple first-round and second-round NBA draft picks throughout his career. From 2014 to 2019, Derrick averaged at least one draft pick per NBA draft.  Derrick has negotiated over $250 million in player contracts as well as several shoe deals for his NBA clients, including one of the largest shoe deals for a rookie that Nike had done in over ten years at the time.