Jussie Smollett took the stand at his trial on Monday, offering a vastly different testimony from that of the Osundario brothers, his alleged attackers. According to ABC7 Chicago, the brothers stated Smollett paid them to carry out a fake hate crime against himself. Smollet noted that wasn’t true but revealed he would do drugs and masturbate with one of the brothers.

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In January 2019, Smollett claimed he was jumped by two homophobic white men who assaulted him and put a noose around his neck outside of a downtown Chicago Subway restaurant.

During Smollett’s testimony, the actor spoke about his upbringing as a child actor to how he became Jamal Lyon on Empire. Following that, Smollett detailed the pressures of being an openly gay African American male character and collecting a $100,000 per episode salary.


Smollet stated he met Bola Osundario through a security contact. He said Bola offered to be his bodyguard. The two would do drugs and hang out, one day leading to a gay bathhouse to book private rooms. Smollett would also state he and Bola would drive around and smoke weed together, using those moments to count to a presumed “dry run” as presented by prosecutors.

Smollett will return to the stand Tuesday (Dec. 7) for more cross-examination and questioning.