Floyd Mayweather is the one person to have beat Canelo Alvarez in his career. Now, Canelo is the top dog in boxing, ruling over every opponent he faces. Money Mayweather believes that he is overhyped though.

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“You take a guy like Canelo, this guy can pick and choose who he wants to fight. And I’m going to tell you all the truth about Canelo,” Mayweather said. “That mother fucker easy, man. Cakewalk. Easy. Y’all sitting up here praising this dude. This dude was nothing. I was almost forty years old when I cooked this dude. Easy.”

Mayweather and Alvarez boxed on Sept. 14, 2013, in a fight that was billed “The One.” Mayweather won a majority decision over Alvarez, despite a controversial 114-114 draw decision from C.J. Ross. The win was Mayweather’s 45th consecutive win in a row. He would go on to retire 50-0.