Bobby Shmurda comes from a long line of New York rappers, and he’s fully aware of the legends who came before and paved the way for him to be a leader for the new generation of rappers in the city.

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Bobby took to Twitter on Tuesday, December 7th to weigh in on the age-old GOAT rapper conversation and revealed his pick for the greatest MC of all time. If you ask Shmurda, he’ll tell you the late DMX is the best to ever touch the mic or stage.

“DMX was the GOAT!” he tweeted. “His Energy & His Vibe was DIFFERENT! #RipTheDog”


After praising the late Ruff Ryders icon, who passed away at the age of 50 in April, Bobby Shmurda apparently found himself embroiled in a debate over the best DMX song and posed the question to his 253,000 Twitter followers.

Bobby Shmurda didn’t reveal which DMX song was his personal favorite, but he got a ton of responses from fans who picked records such as “Slippin’,” “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” and “Let Me Fly.” However, with a litter of chart-topping albums from Dark Man X to choose from, Bobby wasn’t the only one who was stuck for choice.

DMX’s energy and vibe are something that Bobby might have adopted for himself given how ecstatic and vibrant he always is. But there are other things that the GS9 rapper shares with the late rap legend, such as label woes.