For years, or really since Instagram was bought by Facebook, users have complained about the multiple updates made to the photo-sharing app. One update, in particular, was when Facebook decided to do away with Instagram’s chronological order.

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Well now, it seems as if many people’s prayers have been answered. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, said during a Senate subcommittee hearing on Wednesday that “a version” of the chronological timeline would be back on the platform next year.

He added that the platform has been working “for months” to revitalize the feature, and will release sometime in the first quarter of 2022. IG’s communications also released a statement on their Twitter page.


The chronological timeline was ditched in 2016 to widespread public scrutiny in favor of an algorithm-based timeline. Mosseri defended the decision, saying that without using an algorithm, people were “missing 70 percent of all their posts in Feed, including almost half of posts from their close connections.” 

Prior to the news about the chronological timeline, Mosseri had announced in a video the new safety features that were being added to Instagram as well, such as “Take a Break,” “Parental controls,” and “Your Activity.”