Born and raised in Changsha, China, Jun5 is a self-made and internationally-acclaimed professional drummer who has been working on his craft consistently over the past 4 years. Also a talented music producer, Jun5 is looking forward to his upcoming drop with DJ Bander which marks his official march into the industry as he enters the 5th year of his career as a professional producer and drummer.

Taking inspiration from many cultures, Jun5 is open-minded to all genres of music. Originally getting his start as a Jazz drummer, he was eventually exposed to Rock-style drumming through the influence of his mother. He states:

“I immediately fell in love with it when my drum teacher told me that I had an absolute sense of rhythm.”

Later on, Jun5 got his start in Hip Hop drumming, and was influenced by major Atlanta-based artists like Future and Young Thug. Successfully incorporating the drumming style of Jazz with Rock-based beats, he was able to develop his own unique style of Hip Hop drumming, claiming to have found his niche in the hi-hat game.

Jun5 has had a strong start to his professional career as a musician, growing his platform quickly after signing on to BanderProductions and with the help and mentorship of the label’s owner, DJ Bander. Promoting his music consistently on Instagram and Soundcloud, Jun5 is striking a chord with fans and making a name for himself in the industry.

Showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, Jun5 is more than ready to keep his momentum going and continue to hit career milestones. Coming up as an independent artist, he has always valued hard work and consistency, and he appreciates the relationships he’s built within the industry. A proactive artist, he maintains a goal-oriented mindset and stays ahead of the game when it comes to his career moves.

Fans can keep an eye out for the new release dropping in the first quarter of 2022, which is a DJ Bander track featuring Jun5 and TheOfficialZeze. Jun5 reveals that the song was finished “in a blink of inspiration”. After flying 5 hours to LA for a studio session with DJ Bander, his natural chemistry with fellow BanderProductions artist TheOfficialZeze allowed the two to merge talents and create a nostalgic beat which inspired a 10-minute freestyle from Bander. Released under BanderProductions, the track will secure this Sony Top 50 Charting Label’s 4th charting record in a row, starting off the year with a bang.

In 2022, the label plans to continue its momentum, release more records, and host a huge celebration party for the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year and the first year of success for two of the label’s international artists, Jun5 and TheOfficalZeze. Jun5 himself has plenty in store for the upcoming year, including a collaboration with the label’s senior creative director SunnieQuing on a music video. Fans can hear more from Jun5 and stay up-to-date with his latest projects at the following links:

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