We’re a few days away from the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert which is considered to be the biggest event of the year. The two rappers formally squashed their beef last month in an effort to help free Larry Hoover. Ye became vocal of Hoover’s imprisonment during his visit to the White House and carried his efforts onto his latest effort, DONDA.

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According to HotnewHipHop Larry Hoover Jr. has stood along with Ye during his recent interviews. However, he recently joined the Drea O Show by himself where he shared his thoughts on the benefit show, as well as his father’s. He applauded Drake and Kanye for coming together but he explained that his father had reservations about the event. Larry Hoover Sr. is reportedly “concerned” because he can’t predict how this will ultimately affect him or his case. 

“Yeah, he’s aware of it and he has to be concerned because he doesn’t know how it may affect him,” Hoover Jr. said. “He’s concerned that it may affect him negatively because it’s showing his influence, but his influence is positive. Him being an influential person, it just won’t disappear.”


“I didn’t think it would happen, but it was possible, but not probable.”

The benefit show is reportedly set to be broadcast across select IMAX Theatres, though the information has yet to be confirmed about that.

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