Brian Moragne Jr, aka PapiVersace, is looking to mark his stamp on the music industry in a big way in 2022. Growing up in a musical household in Atlantic City, New Jersey, PapiVersace has always gravitated towards music. Coming from a long line of successful musicians, PapiVersace intuitively knew he was next up. From the time PapiVersace could walk, he would play his instruments all around the house. He created his first song at the age of 12 using the instrumental to Biggie’s notorious song “Juicy”. PapiVersace has been working on his craft ever since and is en route to becoming a worldwide sensation. 

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Coming from a diverse background, PapiVersace mixes multiple genres of music together to create his own unique sound. Blending western modern rap to eastern & Latin pop summons together a unique style of music not commonly heard in today’s era of music. PapiVersace’s main goal in creating music is to express his creative ability and inspire all that listen. Being a father of 2, PapiVersace wants to show his kids that if you have a dream, apply hard work, and have unbreakable belief in yourself, then you can accomplish anything.

PapiVersaces just released his new hit R&B single “Commitment” which is currently topping the charts. 2022 will be a massive year for PapiVersace as he is currently working hard in the studio to release his sophomore album “Visions II”. The release date is TBA, but he is shooting for this upcoming valentine’s day. In addition to his new album, his fans should expect multiple new singles released throughout the new year. This is an extremely exciting time for PapiVersace as he looks to crush the next endeavor of his already illustrious career. Be sure to follow PapiVersace on all platforms and be on the lookout for any new announcements. 


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