On Saturday, Bobby Shmurda shared on Twitter some words of encouragement for people trying to accomplish their dreams.

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The “Hot N***a” rapper spoke on how many people have dreams they never chased and spend the rest of their lives mad because they never tried to accomplish it. Bobby states how accomplishing his dream only cost him $20 and one hour in the studio.

“Too many people got a DREAM that they never chased, then go through life and be angry they never tried let me remind y’all,” he wrotet. “Hot N***a took 20$ for 1 hour of studio time in the hood to create and that 1 hour of FOCUS changed my life and everyone around me FORVER #shmurda.”


“Hot N***a” ended up reaching number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and made Shmurda one of the biggest rappers at the time. The music video for the song even created the “Shmoney” dance, which is still popular even today. Despite Shmurda being arrested in 2015, the same year “Hot N***a” blew up, and spending six years behind bars, the song became an anthem for the new generation and is still played today.