Benjii Baby kicks off 2022 with the launch of his new clothing website Selling out of merchandise not even within 24 hours of the pre-sale launch on January 7th, 2022. Benjii Records LLC has started a fundraiser in order to donate to teenage victims involved in car crashes. For every purchase of their “Think Twice” Benjii Baby merchandise 2⁄3 of the proceeds will be funded to those victims.

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On August 6th, 2020 Benjii Baby almost lost his hype man & close friend Drake Weber also known as Drako. Nineteen-year-old Drake Weber and 19-year-old Riley Yeater were driving on the freeway when Drake lost control of the vehicle causing the vehicle to flip several times. Drake and the passenger Riley Yeater were both rushed to the ER. Within a few hours, Riley Yeater was pronounced dead. (Rest in peace to Riley Yeater our prayers go out to his family and friends). Drake weber was fighting for his life for a few days in the hospital, he went into a coma three times and on that 3rd time, the doctors looked at each other and told his grandmother there is no hope of him surviving. That’s when his grandmother began to play “Think Twice” Drakes favorite song by Benjii at the time. Within minutes Drake woke up. The sounds & music of Benjii Baby brought Drake back to life. The doctors were all shocked, until this day the doctors involved claim that they have never witnessed or experienced such a miracle before. 

Now, Benjii Records LLC has started a fundraiser donation in order to give back to teenage victims involved in car crashes for every purchase of their “Think Twice” Benjii Baby merchandise. The Blue-winged Benjii Baby logo represents the adjectives of Peace, Calm, Loyalty, Honesty, Faith, Natural, Wisdom, Power, Intelligence, and Trust. The wings define a connection with angels, giving a free-spirited mind in order to prosper in all areas of life. The inner lock of the B’s from Benjii Baby comes together to symbolize the infinity sign. The infinity sign signifies the concept of the limitlessness of eternity especially as used notationally in mathematics and metaphorically with respect to love. The word “Benjii” originates from keeping it one hundred (Keep it 100). The to i’s in Benj-ii reminds us to “keep at least two eyes on our financial income. The word “Baby” means the younger you. Coming together to signify the act of keeping it real from the beginning of one’s life. Before we all know it everyone around the world will have their wings on. Seeing Benjii Baby wings everywhere we go with his new exclusive merchandise.

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