Technology has helped the art of DJing evolve from multiple instruments to laptops. Beatmatching is a worry-free affair because of advanced DJ software. However, all this gear cannot replace the innate talent a DJ needs to grow in this field. A DJ gives life to a party. They not only play music and mix the sound but also make the crowd groove to their tunes. Understanding a party’s vibe or the crowd’s mood is what separates a great DJ from the rest in the music industry. Berkant Dural, a rising DJ in Turkey and the Netherlands party scene, is taking the industry by storm through his natural talent and passion for music. 

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Berkant has loved music with fast beats from a very young age. He felt drawn to electronic dance music and other cutting-edge genres that eventually shaped his craft. Since he started his career as a DJ playing and enthralling a live crowd every night, Berkant has felt incredibly fulfilled. He loves to see the audience dance to his tunes and crave more. Berkant has an electrifying stage presence that oozes energy and infects the crowd with it. He can change the flow of the party and uplift the crowd’s mood. 

Over the last few years, Berkant has earned tremendous recognition for his talent as a DJ. He has won several awards in Turkey and the Netherlands for his art and played on countless TV shows in both countries. His achievements as an artist don’t end there. Berkant knew that his talent wasn’t limited to DJing. He gradually began honing his craft and mastered different genres to become an independent artist rolling out hit singles. So far, Berkant has released his songs on various music streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. In its original version, his song “Maalesef” has got more than 230K hits on Spotify so far, taking his fan base to a staggering number across the internet. Following the success of his first single, Berkant rolled out “Radio Edit,” “Club Mix,” and an extended version of “Maalesef.” All of them are scoring high in popularity on all digital streaming platforms. 


Berkant also enjoys a strong presence on social media, especially YouTube. He has several collaborative videos with popular artists that have earned more than 600K views so far. After accomplishing several milestones in his career as a DJ and musician, Berkant has also ventured on an entrepreneurial journey with a hair business. His company, Global Hair, has gained good traction since its inception, making him a successful entrepreneur. 

Berkant’s journey thus far hasn’t been easy. He had to face several challenges that tried to weigh him down, but Berkant kept persisting. He successfully cut out all the unnecessary noise from people who judged him for choosing to become a DJ. Berkant attributes his success to self-belief and work ethic, which have both helped him stay focused on his career and scale it up over time. 

Berkant wants to continue his journey in the music industry in the coming years. His initial goal is to become the top DJ in Turkey and the Netherlands. Going forward, he will take his art to a global level, reaching more people and enthralling them with his music.