Tyler the creator is truly living up to his name,  whether it be through music, fashion, building his streetwear brand Golf Wang, and now with the expansion of his other fashion and beauty brand Golf le Fleur, Tyler the Creator is in a class all by himself and he is dedicated to bringing his world to life.  His recent pop-up store, Golf le Fleur in Malibu, California was attended by everyone from Jay-Z to Kanye to Andre 3000. The preview featured his latest fashion and accessories as well as his take on beauty-non-toxic cruelty-free nail polishes that included two pastel shades and a clear option (for those with qualms about painting their nails the Instagram post says), and a fragrance, French Waltz. “French Waltz smells like letting the water dry on your skin,” in an interview with Allure “That’s what it reminds me of — the moment when all you have to do is worry about what you’re going to eat for the rest of the day,” he says. The unisex fragrance includes notes of mandarin,, jasmine, and rose musk.  “It’s super clean, floral, and a little spicy. I love perfumes. I have 53 of them upstairs. I love sunlight, [especially] pastel sunlight — bright, June type of energy. The smell represents that. It smells like cliff jumping. It smells like mid-July when you have no responsibilities for the day.” he adds,  But don’t get it twisted Tyler is not trying to be the next beauty tycoon,  “I don’t like to say I’m getting into the beauty world. I like perfume, so I said, “Oh, I’m going to make one!” I like to wear glitter nail polish a lot, so I wanted to make a few colors that I rarely get to see. That’s all it is. It is less wanting in on beauty world and more, “Oh, I want to try my hand at this.” I’m super blessed to be in a position where any idea I have, I’ve got the means to bring it to life.”  Why a pop-up store? “I’m more of a painter than a poet….I’m sick of the internet he told Allure. “I needed everything to be in a certain building, on this rack, in a specific location. I wanted a certain smell in the air, a certain song playing. I wanted my customers to get to the place in a particular way.” 

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If you can’t make it to Malibu, you can also get some of Tyler’s latest creations for yourself on the website Golf le Fleur