Following the untimely death of Drakeo The Ruler, who was fatally stabbed in the neck while backstage at the Once Upon A Time In L.A. Festival this past weekend, Dipset capo Jim Jones gave his condolences to the fallen rapper but was met online with fierce criticism.

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Jones, who was just in the news last week for an alleged fight with Freddie Gibbs and his crew in Miami’s Prime 112, was called hypocritical for telling rappers to be tactical and protective and told he was “part of the problem” by critics because of the Miami incident.

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Jones has been at the forefront of recognizing the dangers of being notable in the Hip Hop community and over 20 rappers have been killed since the Dipset lieutenant took his stance. Critics of the Harlem rapper still say his post was hypocritical following the Gibbs’ crew beat down.


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