Jake Paul is now 5-0 following his rematch against Tyron Woodley. Paul won Saturday night after knocking out Woodley with a hook to the head. Following the knockout, many people took to social media to share their reaction to the knockout. However, running back Le’Veon Bell took to Twitter to challenge Jake Paul to a match.

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“@jakepaul fight me, stop tryna fight ppl who can’t box,” Le’Veon tweeted.

Le’Veon then doubled down on his statement, saying that he’s tired of watching Jake Paul fight people who are “small dudes who can’t box.”


“I’m tired of watching him out box ppl who don’t even wanna box…if he wanna boxing match, a real one, he’d fight me…period, stop fightin small dudes who can’t box,” he said.

Le’Veon is confident that he could beat Paul. Bell later tweeted that he’s young and actually the same size as Jake Paul. “he won’t tho cuz i’m 29, I’m actually his size, an athletic background, & been boxing just as long as he has …,” he tweeted.

However, Jake Paul seemed as if he didn’t want any smoke with the former Pittsburgh Steelers running back. Instead of responding directly to Le’Veon, Paul brought Woodley into the conversation, claiming that Bell was saying Woodley doesn’t know how to fight.

“Aye @TWooodley this clown saying you can’t box,” Jake Paul tweeted. “How about you show him as part of the next MVP event? Tyron would drop you faster than the Ravens !!”

Tyron Woodley responded to Bell, wanting to take back what he said about him not being able to fight. “Cause i made one mistake you think it’s sweet? Don’t get it fucked up homeboy,” Woodley tweeted.

Bell clapped back at Woodley, saying that getting knocked out wasn’t the only mistake he made.

Would you want to see Le’Veon fight Jake Paul?