Through its Homegrown program, which links communities and promotes designers around the country, Foot Locker is bringing John Collins’ brand “The Baptist” to local Atlanta Foot Locker shops and “The Baptist” products are available in Atlanta Foot Locker stores starting January 4 and consumers who purchase $50 worth of “The Baptist” products will receive a signed poster of John Collins.

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“It’s iconic, it brings awareness to the brand. Foot Locker gives The Baptist Line 100% credibility,” Collins said. “As a kid growing up, I always went to Foot Locker for the latest gear. Now I can see my line next to Adidas, Nike and Jordan. It’s unbelievable.”

Collins said the brand is fan-inspired. “I had a few incredible dunks and when I watched the highlights later on that evening I heard one of the fans call me ‘John The Baptist.’ I liked it and I grew to love it. I believe dunking is a large part of my game and now I have the perfect name to represent my dunks.”


You can see the collection below.

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