YK Osiris and his money have become a hot topic on the Internet over the past couple of months. Beyond owing Lil Baby and Drake money, the singer still has $60,000 to hand out to a fan for a reward. YK has lost a $325K pair of earrings and he is desperate to get them back.

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“Please if anybody finds my other earring, can u return them please,” the rapper pleaded on IG.

YK revealed that he is “sick” about the loss and he won’t be “getting another pair again.”


In a second post, YK spoke directly to the Internet. “Listen, if anybody out there got integrity, can you please give me my earring back?” he began. “These not no cheap earrings. It’s a lot of money. I will give you a reward for it. Whatever you want. Can you please just give me my earring back? Thank you.”