Ralfy The Plug, shared a tribute message to his late brother, Drakeo The Ruler, on Instagram ahead of the holidays.

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“name gone forever live on literally was a king that got it out the mud and I watched it all from the start from recording all yo lil freestyle and post ‘‘em on YouTube,” Ralfy wrote.

Ralfy added “to going to camp back to back every time I get out you go back every time you get out I went back to beating indictments starting yo own label and even getting a song with drake biggest artist in game and you did it by yo self.


“you was a self made boss and a leader,” he added. “you was my idol and big brother and I learned a lot from you and I’m definitely gone make sure they still know the truth.

You can read the full message here.

Drakeo the Ruler, born Darrell Coldwell, was stabbed to death at Snoop Dogg’s Once Upon a Time festival concert. TMZ reports Drakeo was killed during a fight that broke out backstage.

Los Angeles PD, California Highway Patrol, and the fire department responded to the festival in Exposition Park, unfortunately, they were unable to save Drakeo as they rushed him to the hospital.

The L.A. Times notes paramedics responded around 8:40 p.m. to the 3900 block of South Hoover Street, noting Drakeo the Ruler was the intended target of a group of people.