The 2022 Kardashian holiday photo hit the Internet on Christmas Eve. In the photos were Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, their mom Kris Jenner and all of their kids. Neither Kanye West nor Tristan Thompson was present or mentioned.

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The crew appeared in fuzzy pajamas from Kim’s Skims line.

Earlier this month, Tristan Thompson admitted to a sexual relationship with Maralee Nichols, a woman currently suing him for child support and pregnancy-related fees. According to the Daily Mail, Thompson stated their relationship was “sporadic.” He stated their hook-up occurred in March. PEOPLE notes the date of the hook-up would align with a loving Instagram post from Khloe Kardashian where she noted Thompson was her “best friend.”


Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is confused at Kanye West’s latest attempts to win her back. If you watched the Kanye and Drake live stream earlier this month, you saw Ye alter the words to “Runaway” to ask for Kim Kardashian back. According to Page Six, that effort will fall short. Very short. Following the performance, Kim K filed papers to be legally declared single while they work through their divorce. A source close to Kardashian finds it weird and embarrassing that Ye is doing public displays for her despite living with his girlfriend.

“Kim is making a statement by doubling down that she’s single. She thinks it’s strange that Kanye keeps saying he wants her back, but all the while he’s got [Vinetria] at his Malibu house,” the source said to Page Six.