Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not keeping his feelings about the NFL’s COVID-19 safety policies secret. Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee Show yesterday that the league has a ‘two-class’ system for players who test positive for the virus.

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He says he doesn’t understand why unvaccinated players who test positive for the virus are treated differently than vaccinated players who test positive.

“What I don’t understand, it makes no sense to me to continue to spread this narrative that non-vaccinated players are more dangerous or these superspreaders,” Rodgers shared. “I don’t understand why there is still this two-class system that exists in our league.


Rodgers, of course, missed a game and caused a lot of anger when he revealed that he wasn’t vaccinated against the virus.

The league does not require players to get vaccinated but has repeatedly urged them to do so. Earlier this month they released a memo to teams that unvaccinated players were more likely to miss time that vaccinated players.

“Our own data has shown that unvaccinated players have contracted the virus and lost time as close contacts at a much greater rate than vaccinated players,” it said.

Rodgers says the coronavirus in the NFL is not a ‘pandemic of the unvaxxed.’

“There’s not many unvaccinated guys left in the league but it’s obviously not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It doesn’t make sense to me we’re still punishing non-vaccinated players.”

Watch Aaron Rodgers on the NFL’s ‘two-class’ system below.

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