Back in November, Benny the Butcher signed to Def Jam Records. Fans expressed concern for his decision and now Benny is here to set the record straight.

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“You niggas who be in my DMs, who be in my comments sayin’ like, ‘Yo, don’t let Def Jam do this’ or ‘Don’t let Def Jam do that.’ What y’all on?” Benny said on Instagram. “What, you think a nigga work this hard and was this self-made for this long to get somewhere and let somebody tell me, ‘You know what, you can’t do it like this no more, you gotta do it like this.

“Y’all gotta use y’all fuckin’ brains before y’all start thinkin’ shit like that. I’m a boss.”


Snoop Dogg had a conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience on Friday, November 12th and revealed he signed Benny to the longtime label.

“I’m on Def Jam Records right,” Snoop said. “I’m a creative consultant executive, and just to let you know that it don’t exist no more, I’m going to announce on your show that I just signed Benny The Butcher, and he is one of the hardest rappers up out of Buffalo, New York. So that’s showing that there are no more lines to be crossed. We are doing what we’re supposed to be doing. The butcher’s coming.”

Benny The Butcher later confirmed the news on Instagram with a photo of himself signing the contract.

His Caption Read: “A Buffalo n***a the new face of The Legendary @defjam,” he wrote. “signed my major deal finally this for DJ Shay. Griselda x B$F this is BIG…Huge Buffalo we did it again gotta thank @chace_infinite @1978hiphop @hank & Hov of course and the whole @rocnation my Family @westsidegunn @whoisconway @griseldarecords.”

“my team the Sopranos my n***a @bsf_cityboy @therealtonydeniro @jakeamankwaah yo @iamheem and @prettyrickyhyde y’all stock Jus went up with mine. this street shit back on top. big unc @defjamsnoop @snoopdogg I appreciate u OG u kno tht. THE BUTCHER COMIN.”