“Who Want Smoke?” rapper Nardo Wick was a guest on the Big Facts podcast and spoke about his past life. During the conversation, he would detail that at a younger age he preferred to rob people as opposed to getting a legal job.

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“I would just look at it like, I would go rob a n*gga and get this much, why would I go to work for a week?” he said. “If I go do this to somebody and get $7,000, $5,000, why I’m finna go to work for two weeks and make $500? Hell no.”

After his comments were condemned online, Nardo Wick would visit his Instagram to detail it was his personal history and advocate for not robbing and instead of chasing your dreams.


“I’m not tryna influence nobody to go rob nobody, the asked a question about MY PAST and I answered it, That’s what I was doing when I was 15-16 years old, A product of my environment,” Wick opened. “My mama had just came home from prison and it was a hard time for us and we ain’t have nothing. I would never tell or try to convince a young black man or anyone period to crash out!”

Nardo would detail that he changed his life and took rap seriously because he “wouldn’t make it” if he continued on the path that he was on. He would then go on to detail “there is nothing wrong with a job.”

“Robbin ain’t cool at all and I ain’t try to make it seem cool I was speaking on past events,” Wick added. “Y’all stay focused and chase y’all dreams.”