Music is an artform that allows the artist to create without prejudice, but that is exactly what Avalanche The Architect is enduring for lyrics rapped on his track “Got Yourself A Gun.”

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Jamaican-born rapper, Darren John, is known in the music industry by his stage name, Avalanche The Architect. Now based in Toronto, Canada, his rap career has risen to levels of success, being praised by fans of real rap. Avalanche The Architect’s aggressive style mixed with hardcore lyrics that borderline violence and gritty bars is reminiscent of hip hop’s true nature of creative expression. Judicial bias due to his ethnic background has aimed to use this style of hip hop against him.

His track, “Got Yourself A Gun” that flows over the classic instrumental by Nas has seen Avalanche The Architect profiled for lyrics that only lives as a musical work of art. With his career built partly on his battle rap prowess, this type of ferociously inspired music is inclusive of the craft. Yet, Avalanche The Architect’s lyrics are being wrongly used for allegations brought to the court by his former music promoter, Sonia Harry, claiming he uttered a threat towards her in his song.


Avalanche The Architect is no stranger to bias in the law. Having been tried over 20 times in the past, he has thwarted the justice system’s attempt at racial persecution, declining every offered plea deal. Instead, Avalanche The Architect took every charge to trial, winning each with a verdict in favor of his innocence. This particular instance has seen his only guilty verdict and Avalanche The Architect is adamant this is due to key evidence in the form of emails and messages being destroyed by the Crown, Henry Poon. The evidence lost contains his alleged harassment and violent taunts towards Harry, but contrary to standard process, he was never presented with this alleged evidence.

Years pass, and Avalanche The Architect is still trying to appeal his case in Canada’s Highest Court to have his ruling overturned given the loss of evidence. Avalanche The Architect is fighting not for himself, but for every colored rapper currently facing and will face bias and racism in the judicial system. 

“Got Yourself A Gun”:

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