Uncle Murda dropped his 14-minute long “Rap Up” single on New Years Eve, and like expected, it had some disrespectful bars to fellow artists including Lil Was X, Tyler, The Creator, Will Smith, and Freddie Gibbs.

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The next day, Gibbs took to social media to respond to Uncle Murda’s diss. He first took to IG to post on his story, “So many NY rappers on my dick right now. I can’t wait to go to y’all city and show u how to sell it out. byke byke.” He added, “NYC should be ashamed of y’all non rapping ass n-ggaz. This my shit now.”

Akademiks reposted Gibbs’ story on Twitter, re-insinuating that Gibbs got jumped by Jim Jones at the Prime 112 restaurant and now he wants to call out all of New York. “FEDERICK Gibbs gets beat up by one New York rapper and dissed by another now he calling out the whole New York” Ak tweeted. “@FreddieGibbs where the same trolling energy for Jim jones n Uncle Murda Nigga…”


Gibbs responded to Ak, restating that his upcoming NYC show is sold out.

Gibbs later tweeted “NY about to be a breeze.” Akademiks then responded to the tweet, saying “Prime 112 was a breeze too huh,” with laughing emojis. Gibbs responded again, with a Memoji of himself shrugging. “Aint nobody do shit to me,” Gibbs said.

Uncle Murda had some scathing bars directed towards Gibbs in the “Rap Up” single. He talked about Ak saying Gibbs got beat up by Jones and how he was not a fan of Gibbs’s response to losing to Nas for Best Rap Album at last year’s Grammys.

“Let me smoke a blunt right now and get in my zone/Akademiks said Freddie Gibbs got beat up by Jim Jones/Not a big fan of his the streets don’t rock with him/That be Elliott ad B. Dot giving all those props to him/So when he talk tough we don’t believe what he saying/His father a cop and his brother down with the DEA,” Murda rapped.

Murda went on, rapping “Yeah, I ain’t like his reaction when Nas won the Grammy/He never lost in court ’cause law enforcement is his family/I know I ain’t the only one who feel like he hated/Freddie album ain’t deserve to be Grammy nominated.”

Shortly after the diss was released, Gibbs once again took to social media. Even though this tweets were not directly targeting Uncle Murda, it can be inferred that he was responding to the diss.

“N****z talking shit happy new year go pay your rent b***h,” Gibbs tweeted.