The people have spoken, a Louisiana judge is resigning over a video featuring her using racial slurs.

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Lafayette City Judge Michelle Odinet sent a letter to the Louisiana Supreme Court over the weekend, saying her resignation was needed to help the community heal.

She issued an apology contradicting the statement released by her attorney immediately after the video went viral in December 2021 denying any fault.


“I am sorry for the pain that I have caused my community and ask for your forgiveness, as my words did not foster the public’s confidence and integrity for the judiciary.”

She now says it’s important to take responsibility for the “hurtful words” even though she claims to not remember using them.

“I take full responsibility for the hurtful words I used to describe the individual who burglarized the vehicles at my home,” Odinet shared.

Odinet went on unpaid leave last month after viral video exposed she was repeatedly using the N-word and comparing a burglary suspect to a “roach.”

In the leaked video, Odinet and other unidentified people were heard reviewing home security camera footage of a suspected vehicle burglar.

She previously worked as a prosecutor and public defender.

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