Former NBA clutch shooter Robert Horry doesn’t believe in the Milwaukee Bucks as a dominant champion.

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On his podcast (Big Shot Bob), Horry talked about the Bucks in a rather shocking fashion, insisting that they won’t repeat because they “shouldn’t have been there in the first place.”

“We know Milwaukee ain’t gonna go back-to-back cause they shouldn’t have been there in the first place,” the seven-time NBA champion Horry added. “They only won that because of a big toe.”


During the second round of last season’s playoffs, the Bucks narrowly escaped game 7 against the Brooklyn Nets. Without James Harden being 100 percent and Kyrie Irving not available, Kevin Durant led the Nets to a Lbig toe inch away from the Eastern Conference Finals.

late in Game 7, Durant nearly won the game with a three-pointer that was later downgraded to a two (hence the comment about the big toe).

The Bucks would go on to win the game and never see another game 7 en route to their first championship in over 35 years. When it comes to wins and losses, the Bucks have been the best team in the league the last three seasons. Not sure why Horry doesn’t respect the champs and looks at them as a one-hit wonder. The Bucks currently are third in the Eastern Conference. The same spot they were last season when they won the championship.

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