Ben Roethlisberger just played his last game at Heinz Field this past Monday. Many within the Steelers organization and the NFL have praised the two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback on his 18-year career. Among those to have given Roethlisberger his flowers is former teammate and star wide receiver, Antonio Brown.

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Prior to Ben’s last home game on Monday, Brown posted a video of himself giving his flowers to Roethlisberger and saying that Ben has more years in the NFL ahead of him.

“I know Ben. He’s a competitor,” Brown said. “He loves to play football. One of the greatest quarterbacks, all-time. And I just don’t see him hanging it up. Big Ben has a lot of football left, and he didn’t say that his career was over. So let’s be positive. Let’s cheer him on. Let’s wish for one of his best games tonight. And let’s keep business boomin’.”


Brown speaking highly of Roethlisberger comes as a surprise. The two had a major falling out back in 2019 after Brown was traded by the Steelers after 9 seasons with the organization. Brown said that Ben was no longer a good quarterback and felt as if it was not fair that he was blackballed for his actions when Ben, who has been accused of much worse, gets a pass.

While Roethlisberger is retiring, Brown’s future remains uncertain. Following his outburst on Sunday’s game against the Jets, Brown was reportedly cut from the Buccaneers. Brown claimed that he was too hurt to keep playing and brought it up to head coach Bruce Arians. Arians apparently told Brown to “get out” after Brown twice refused to re-enter the game.