Jason Derulo had time today. He also had fists. The R&B/Pop star was strolling in a Las Vegas hotel and once two guys called him Usher out loud all hell broke loose.

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From what the video shows, one of the guys called him Usher, and another yells “bitch” before Derulo springs into a frenzy of fisticuffs. According to TMZ, the brawl occurred at the Aria hotel early Tuesday morning. Eyewitnesses near the escalator where the brawl took place state after one of the guys yelled “Hey, Usher! F*** you, bitch!” Derulo leveled him with a punch in the face.

Derulo would then engage in a battle of hands with the second guy before his security broke up the ordeal. The guys have not pressed charges, but Derulo did receive a trespassing notice and was booted from the Aria.


You can see Derulo’s fight below.