Alexander Yusko aka Andy Cartwright as he was known by his rap fans appeared to be a happily married family man with a newborn son, but after his wife allegedly murdered him and fed him to the rodents, Cartwright has become the victim of what Russian authorities are calling “the perfect murder”, according to a report from The Sun.

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37-year-old Marina Kohkal chopped up her husband with a hacksaw and fed his body to rats, all while Yusko was still alive.

Kohkal admits to feeding her husband to the rats but claims that he actually died from a drug overdose and she did not want the 30-year-old rapper’s fans to know he met such a horrible fate.


Authorities also claim that Kohkal had sex with Yusko’s corpse after she murdered him.

Despite forensic reports and Kohkal’s own admittance of killing her husband, there is no evidence of a murder and the investigation is still ongoing.