Who said hip hop died? Cordae is showing us that the bars are back. Cordae put his full rap repertoire on display in his new “FABEV Freestyle.”

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Over Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 4,” beat Cordae, the hot spitter, gave fans an indication for what’s to be on his sophomore album From A Bird’s Eye View.

The “FABEV Freestyle” is Cordae delivering rap music with the traditional sound that lyricist are used. There is no mumble rap, no melodic flows, Cordae is just really rapping.


His exquisite sound, matches the scenery as the Maryland rapper is in Paris dropping bars.

On this freestyle Cordae reminisces on how he made it off rap. He talks about all the things that he did as an adolescence and the things he did early in his career.

When the beat switches, the mood switches. No more Eiffel Towers and beautiful backgrounds. He switches to a dark and aggressive tone as he’s coming at all the rapper’s necks. In the dark alleyway where he’s rapping, he blatantly believes that he has no competition. He said he’s best rapper under 25. Is that statement true? We’ll find out on January 14 when he drops From A Bird’s Eye View.

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