Artist, rapper, and actor Nazo Bravo is one to wear many hats. And recently, he appeared as the star in his own music video for the hit track, “Fadeaway.” This song is already a fan-favorite, and has been sparking the interest of major press and media, with visuals currently counting over half a million hits on YouTube. 

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The track is already a go-to for many of his fans and rap lovers, pushing his name further into the industry. From slow and steady verses to a fire beat, the song truly oozes the necessary elements that can make a rap a hit. This song has Nazo in a new light, as he pushes away his MC days to welcome the world of vigorous rapping.

With a nostalgic drive into a tunnel, city skylines, and a gorgeous girl by his side, the music video is stemming from his roots as a prolific singer and actor. 


The song is produced by GOLDMVN and mixed by Grammy nominated multi-platinum mix engineer Ariel Chobaz, whose credits include Drake, Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled. 

Get familiar with Nazo Bravo and follow him on Instagram. He recently appeared on The Family Business show on BET+ as per Deadline

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