Former NFL running back Clinton Portis is being sentenced to six months in federal prison.

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Clinton Portis was involved in a scheme to defraud the health care benefit program for retired NFL veterans. The plan was designed to help retired players pay for medical expenses up to $350,000 in benefits per player.

Portis pleaded guilty in September after being involved with a ring of former players that filed false reimbursement claims that ran up to nearly three-million dollars.


According to ESPN, in a pre-sentence filing, the DOJ said it ”sought a sentence at the higher end of the recommended 10-to-16 month guideline,” because of his offense and Portis continued to deny he was guilty until a retrial following a hung jury.

Portis was accused of submitting false claims for payouts totaling about $3 million. The filing also noted Portis did not pay back the money he received from the fraud until shortly before sentencing.

The former Denver and Washington running back was also sentenced to six months of home confinement.

In total, 15 former NFL players have pleaded guilty to charges of fraud.

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