Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley are headed for divorce court. Lyrica, the Love and Hip Hop star has filed for divorce in Los Angeles this past Friday, aiming to end their five-year union, TMZ reports.

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The marriage of Lyrica and Bentley have frequently shared their marriage issues on reality shows. The two eloped back in 2016. Those issues included accusations of Lyrica cheating with Safaree Samuels in 2018. Lyrica was pregnant at the time, leading to a paternity test that determined the baby was Bentley’s.

In 2020, Lyrica released her Bad Hair Day album, which was full of personal anecdotes.


“This album is extremely personal to me for a handful of reasons,” Lyrica said of the album. “For one, it signifies the first time I took full control over my sound as well as my story. This time around I’m willing to share my truth and vulnerability with THE WORLD!!! ‘Bad Hair Day’ is an idiom that things aren’t always perfect in life, especially in relationships. Life is just like hair; you have good hair days and bad ones.”